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Hello the Internet! Welcome to the official show page for 80-Bit Podsmash. We are a weekly podcast smashing conversations about video games with topics that you care about. Please take time to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter with the links below. We are also on reddit at /r/80bitpodsmash; and Instagram, @80bitpodsmash.

We generally have a weekly streaming schedule.

Our schedule consisted of two weekly streams - a half hour video game news show, and a video game live stream of a game we're digging.

However, due to life circumstances for both Penguin and Termite, we are putting that on hiatus until Dec 2021. Be sure to subscribe and follow along, so when we come back, you'll be ready

Nov 28, 2022

There's always lots of discourse around video games about AAA (Triple A) studios, AA (Double A) studios, and indie games. What's actually an indie game? What's the difference between them? It's more than just following the money. We discuss...

Halcyonic Falcon X - Of Rainbows and...

Nov 21, 2022

Perfect for Thanksgiving, Penguin & Termite's second entry in the series, "Press F For Feelings" - this time focusing on Gratitude. How do video games capture the emotion of Gratitude? How is it used from a design perspective? Is this effective? What are the best games to exemplify...

Nov 14, 2022

In the wake of the Bayonetta 3 voice acting controversy Penguin & Termite discuss the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically how development studios could leverage AI to generate art assets and voice over for in-game dialog. What does the future hold?

Halcyonic Falcon...

Nov 7, 2022

As Sony reigns as king in the platform competition, are they headed for a fall? Sony has made a lot of not so consumer friendly decisions lately. We lay them all out and discuss a state of the industry and assess what's going on over in the PlayStation camp.

Halcyonic Falcon X - Of...